Leenane Development Association

The Leenane Development Association is a committee of local volunteers whose sole function is to facilitate growth and improve quality of life within Leenane Village.

The Leenane Development Association Chairperson Report 2016

This years chairperson report is available to view by clicking HERE

The Leenane Development Association 5 Year Plan

Striving to make Leenane a better place.
The LDA 5 year plan is a series of outlines to guide the Village through the next 5 years of growth.

Your Village - Your Plan

The development plan was put together purely through input from the Village residents. It encompasses everything from small scale issues to major engineering works such as the Village amenity park. Keep an eye on the news section of this site for regular updates and visit the forum to have your say and offer new proposals.

Project Status Notes
Water Reservoir Completed  
Roads and Pavements Ongoing  
Car Park Marking Ongoing  
Playground Ongoing Included In Amenity Park
Picnic Area Ongoing  
Upgrade Wild Life Signage Ongoing New Signs In Place
Derelict Buildings Ongoing Clean Up Scheme Initiated
Repair Stone Walls Ongoing  
General Tiding Ongoing Annual Cleanups Organised
Leenane Pier Ongoing Recently Cleared Of Rubbish
Cemetery Erosion Ongoing  
Develop Walkways Ongoing  
Amenity Park Ongoing At Planing Stage
National School Preservation Project Ongoing  
Eradication of Invasive Plants Ongoing Spraying Program Introduced
Care of Bring Centre Ongoing  
Creation of Wild life Areas Ongoing  
Village Website Completed Went Live April 2012
Kayaking Club Completed Up And Running
Ireland West Signage Scheme Ongoing Wild Atlantic Way And Local Signage In Place
Community Consultation Ongoing  

Next Scheduled Leenane Development Association Meeting...

Image 03The Next Meeting Of The Leenane Development Association will be held on

Thursday 8th May at 20:00

The meeting is held in the village community hall and all are welcome to attend.