Leenane Parish News

Leenane is a part of the Kilbride parish, which covers Leenane, Finney and the Kilmillkin areas. The village is served by St Michael's Roman Catholic church at the northern end of village. More info from the parish newsletter can be found below. There is also the Church of Ireland St John the Baptist, Aasleagh, a short distance outside the village

Mass Times

Church of St. Michael, Leenane.
(Eaglais  Naomh Mhichil, An Leonean)
Sun 11:30am
Mon 7:30pm
Thu 12:30pm (Leenane hall)

Church of the Nativity Kilmilkin.
(Eaglais Bhreith Chriost, Coll Mhilcon)
Sun 10:00am
Tue 10:00am

Church of the Immaculate Conception Finney.
(Eaglais  Muiré, Ghinuint Gan Smal, Foinnaithe)
Sat 7:30pm
Wed 11:00am
Fri 7:30pm