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Nestled at the head of Ireland's only fjord, Leenane Village stands as a picturesque gem amidst the rugged landscapes of County Galway. With its quaint charm and stunning natural surroundings, Leenane captures the essence of Connemara's beauty and tranquility.

Perched between the majestic Mweelrea and Maamturk mountain ranges, Leenane offers visitors a captivating blend of mountainous grandeur and coastal allure. The village sits at the confluence of the Delphi and Bundorragha Rivers, where the waters flow gently into the expansive waters of Killary Fjord, creating a scene of serene beauty.

As one of the gateway points to Connemara, Leenane welcomes travelers with its warm hospitality and authentic Irish atmosphere. The village is steeped in history, its past intertwined with tales of fishing, farming, and the vibrant culture of the Connemara region.

From Leenane, adventurers can explore the rugged terrain of Connemara National Park, embark on scenic drives along the Wild Atlantic Way, or partake in outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, and kayaking. For those seeking tranquility, Leenane offers a peaceful retreat amidst nature's splendor, where the sound of flowing rivers and the sight of towering mountains create an unforgettable backdrop. Whether as a starting point for exploration or a destination for relaxation, Leenane beckons visitors to discover the timeless beauty of Connemara.

Rainbow Over Killary Fjord Welcome To Leenane Village


Leenane, or an Líonán in Gaelic, is a place of contrasts. Situated at the head of Killary harbour, a 16km Fjord, it nestles under the Maamtrasna and Maamturk mountains on the Galway-Mayo border. The area has been inhabited since prehistory, evinced by ancient tombs and the potato ridges climbing the mountains. Leenane is famous for the stunning and varied beauty of its location.

It is this which has been attracting artists, sportsmen, geologists and leisure-seekers for over 150 years. The contrasts of sea and mountains offer vistas alive with colour; the intense green of the hills in summer, the oranges and russets of the autumn mountains, the slate blues of the winter seas. Sheep dot the high hills, roaming wide and free, and salmon can be seen leaping the beautiful Aasleagh falls at the head of the fjord.

View Of Killary Harbour With Mussel Ropes


Explore all that Leenane has to offer the holidaymaker, from exhilarating mountain walks to decadent spas and romantic restaurants, Leenane can offer all this and more complete with the backdrop of breathtaking scenery.

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