The Killary harbour and its surroundings is unique in the amazing diversity of habitats it presents. Within 500 metres of the shores of Killary, one can walk through farmland, blanket bogs, raised bogs, woodland and seashore. This is in part due to the environments created by the physical impact of glaciation. The varied habitats present a myriad of homes for plant and wild-life.

The moors and bogs harbour the spotted orchid, the roadside the flame orange montebrecia. On the shore sheep graze seaweed among migratory birds. The most extensive habitat is of course the sea itself. The 15 km length of Killary harbour provides a home to a wide range of fish, crustaceans, shellfish and seaweeds. Even the basking shark, the second largest fish in the world, can occasionally be found at the mouth of the bay.